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A R T I S T   B I O

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Ilani is a fearlessly independent singer, songwriter and producer, innovating her refreshingly chilled out sound from her bedroom studio in the heart of Brighton, UK.

"I moved to Brighton 3 years ago after a shift in my perspective of what I wanted to do with my life. I took a leap and decided to chase my then-secret passion of producing music on my laptop in my bedroom. I needed a fresh start, and where better to find inspiration than by the seaside in one of the most thriving musical cities in the UK?"

Ilani produces the soundtrack to your late summer nights and chilled Sunday mornings, combining soulful vocal performances with warm electronic beats to create her vibrant style of electro-pop. Ethereal vocal melodies weave through shimmering synths and lush harmonies, whilst alluring pop hooks radiate positivity and euphoria.


Her upcoming single, 'No Release', is a perfect encapsulation of this. Ilani experiments with layering tropical sounds over a blend of pop and R&B, whilst innovating her signature glitchy vocal production.


'I want people to listen to this track and resonate with it. I hope you make memories of long summer nights and beautiful sunsets whilst listening to it, and remember that you can get through even the most challenging parts of life if you keep on smiling.'

'No Release' will be available everywhere from July 23rd 2021.

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